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My Grandma is a Ninja

Posted on: July 20, 2009

Dorothy and Bob Part II

(You can find Dorothy and Bob Part I here.)

Bob had a car accident.

Grandma and Bob were driving home from church, and he slammed into a parked car. They weren’t hurt, but his 1992 Lincoln Town Car didn’t survive impact. Grandma told me, “Thank goodness I was wearing my seatbelt. You know I don’t always do that.”  (As an aside, Grandma attends church every Sunday, but admits she only follows the commandments that apply directly to her. Apparently, she doesn’t agree with everything carved into those stone tablets.)


Bob and grandma spend their summers in a high rise in Nebraska and their winters in Arizona. With the car gone, they have no way to get to the grocery, the pharmacy or anywhere else. Their 7th story condo is a prison without bars.

So, grandma devised a plan. They will leave Nebraska ASAP and fly back to Arizona where her car sits in the garage. Conveniently, they have no pesky relatives in Arizona lying in wait to hide the car keys. For her, getting older seems to be all about “threading the needle.” She’s escaped one tight situation after another and has managed to stay a step ahead of anyone seeking to limit her lifestyle. Bob is going along for the ride.

If all goes well, by the first week of August, they will be tucked into her house, driving her car and preparing for an upcoming cruise to Hawaii. Crisis averted. For now.


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